Saturday, July 25, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #6

1. "Do you care for some ice cream?" "No, thank you, I don't _______________________ ."

want some
want any
want no
want anys

2. "____________________ ?" "I was at home."

Where did you yesterday
Where was you yesterday
Where were you yesterday
Where were yesterday you

3. "Why don't you want to go to the museum?" "___________________. "

Because I went there yesterday
Because I go to there yesterday
Because I been there yesterday
Because going there yesterday

4. "Where did you go last Sunday?" " ______________________ ."

I don't go anywhere
I didn't go anywhere
I didn't go nowhere
I wasn't go anywhere

5. ________________________ to pass the examination.

You must work hard
You work must hard
You must to work hard
You must working hard

6. Robert's Spanish is good. _____________________ .

He speaking Spanish well
He speaks Spanish is good
He's speaks Spanish well
He speaks Spanish well

7. __________________________ to Alaska.

I've never been
I never was been
I haven't never been
I not ever been

8. "I can't help you move to your new apartment." "That's okay. _______________ ."

I can move there by my own.
I can to move there by myself
I can move there by yourself
I can move there by myself

9. Richard __________________ the groceries.

have already buy
has already bought
had already buying
has already been buy

10. You shouldn't go out _____________________ .

because it might raining
because it might be rain
because it's might to rain
because it might rain

Basic English Grammar Quiz #5

1. John and Wilma are American. _________ American tourists.

They is
They be
They are
You are

2. This is a pen. ___________ books.

This is
Those are
That is
These be

3. I'm Italian. _________________ ?

Are you French
Is you French
Do you French
Does you French

4. I speak English. ____________ Chinese.

She is speak
She speak is
She speaks
She speaking

5. "_____________________ ?" "I'm a student."

What you do
What you doing
What are you do
What do you do

6. I'm sorry, _________________ .

I don't understand
I no understand
you doesn't understand
I'm not understand

7. "______________ a cup of tea?" "Yes, please."

Are you like
Would you like
Do you liking
Is she liking

8. That isn't your coat. _______________ .

It's my
They're mine
It's mine
They're my coats.

9. Where ____________ now?

lives he
is he living
he is living
he living

10. You should put on your coat now. __________________ .

It maybe rain
It's going to rain
It's rain
It raining is going

Friday, July 24, 2009

Adverb or Adjective? Choose and check your answer.

1. Mary is a very dancer. I think so, too.

2. I think you play the piano very . Thank you.

3. Steven doesn't drive very on the freeway.

4. I can understand you when you speak .

5. Maria works very . I think so, too.

6. Sarah sings . She should sing .

7. When you buy a car, you should think about it . . Don't make a decision too .

8. I can't understand you very well when you speak too .

9. We got to the party too . . There was any food left.

10. When you go to a job interview, you should try to dress very . . You should always answer questions very .

11. I won't vote for Peter Horne because I don't think he's very .

Correct the errors in the following sentences. Check your corrections by clicking on the box to the right of the text.











Change the following statements to yes/no questions. Then, check your work by clicking on the box to the right of the text.





















Friday, July 17, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #4

1. ________________ ? They're mine.

Whose books are these
Whose are these books
Whose books is this

2. __________________? He's listening to music.

What is he listening to
What are you listening to
What listening to are you

3. That book ______________________ .

doesn't belong to his
doesn't belong to him
don't belong he

4. Where did you go yesterday? _________________ .

I'm going shopping
I went shopping
I went to shopping

5. _____________________ ? I applied for it last week.

When were you applied for that job
When did you apply for that job
When applyed you for that job?

6. _______________________ ? Yes, we did.

Did they get to the airport on time
Did you get to the airport on time
Were you got to the airport on time

7. __________________________ ? Yes, we do.

Do you usually have breakfast at home
Do you usually has breakfast at home
Do we usually at home have breakfast

8. __________________________? I'll be out of town.

Why won't you at home tomorrow
Why isn't you home tomorrow
Why won't you be at home tomorrow

9. __________________________? They couldn't come because they were too busy.

Why wasn't they in class yesterday
Why weren't they in class yesterday
Why didn't they in class yesterday

10 Mr. Jones __________________________ at the laundromat.

never washes his clothes
never washing his clothes
not never washs he clothes

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #3

1. ________________ ? The customers are still eating.

Why is he cleaning that table
Why does he cleaning that table
Why is he clean that table

2. You're a good employee. _________________ .

You always coming on time
You always are come on time
You always come on time

3. That book ______________________ .

doesn't belong to his
doesn't belong to him
don't belong to him

4. I like ______________________

go to swimming
to go swimming
going to swiming

5. How often ________________________ ?

friend visiting her grandmother
does your friend visit her grandmother
is her friend visit your grandmother

6. Is the train _______________________ ?

going to be on time or not
go to on time or not
going be on time or not

7. I usually __________________ on Monday and Tuesday

cooking for my family
am cooking for my family
cook for my family

8. Jack __________________ to play soccer.

doesn't have enough time
don't enough time
isn't having enough time

9. California's economy _______________ .

don't very good right now
isn't very good right now
doesn't very good right now

10 Tom and Sylvia ___________________ this month.

are get married
are going married
are getting married

Monday, July 13, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #2

1. ________________ be at summer camp?

How much longer are your children
How much longer are your children going to
How much longer do your children go to

2. ________________ to church once a week.

My whole family goes
My whole family is go
My whole family is going

3. Listen! ___________________.

The phone is ringing
The phone ringing is
The phone ringing

4. Sh! ______________________

The baby is takeing her nap.
The baby is taking your nap.
The baby is taking her nap

5. Does Charlie shop at this store _______________ ?

in a few minutes
every week
tomorrow morning

6. It's autumn. The wind is blowing and _________.

the leaves is falling
the leaves don't falling
the leaves are falling

7. Today, I ______________ because it's her birthday

buy flowers for my wife
am buying flowers for my wife
buying flowers for my wife

8. Judy ________________________ .

don't subscribing to any magazines
isn't subscribe to any magazines
doesn't subscribe to any magazines

9. Desert areas _______________________.

don't have many trees
doesn't have any trees your pets always sleep
isn't have any trees

10 Alice ___________________ to the latest music.

like to listen
likes to listen
liking to listen

Borrow or Lend?

When you need money, you can from a bank, but be prepared to pay high interest. Banks don't money as a favor. They charge for the loan. Only friends may money as a favor. If you money from a friend, be prepared to return the favor one day. Your friend may also ask you to him some money when he doesn't want to from a bank. On that occasion, you either him money or you lose a friend.

Choose the most appropriate answer.

1. What are you going to do on your summer vacation?

I might have worked hard.
I traveled last summer.
I haven't thought about it.

2. Why hasn't she paid the bills?

You probably forgot about them.
She hasn't had the time.
Because they are due right now.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #1

1. ________________ back soon?

Does Bob come
Is Bob coming
Is Bob come

2. ________________ to the movies? Twice a month.

How often do you go
When are you going
How often are you go

3. ________________ to school today because the weather is nice.

I walk
I walking
I'm walking

4. ________________ soccer every weekend?

Is your brother play
Does your brother play
Are your brother playing

5. She's smiling because _______________________ .

she's listening to music play
she listen to music
she don't listen to music

6. Every afternoon Maria _______________________ .

goes shopping
going to shopping
going shopping

7. Who usually ________________________ after school?

picking up your kids
picks up your kids
is pick up your kids

8. Judy ________________________ right now.

practicing the violin
practices the violin
is practicing the violin

9. _______________________ in the garage?

Are your pets always sleeping
Does your pets always sleep
Do your pets always sleep

10 Raul and Carlos ___________________ today.

don't visit us
aren't visiting us
No is visit our

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Preposition Practice

"Balance" by Francis Piscabia, 1919

Choose the correct prepositions: in, on, at, to, from, next to, before, or after. Check your answers by clicking on the little box to the right of each sentence.

1. Pedro is Cuba.

2. She always goes to the supermarket Friday.

3. Bill went to the movies nine o'clock.

4. Sue and Jan went for a walk the park.

5. Mary is writing a letter her mother.

6. Always wash your hands you eat.

7. What time do you get up the morning?

8. The Jones family lives the Smith family.

9. We go the movies every Saturday.

10. Bob is waiting the bus stop.

11. She is going to Puerto Rico July.

12. November comes October.

13. Harry works the office the first floor.

14. John likes to sit me at lunch.

15. The bank is the corner of Dudley St. and Columbia Road.

16. It's raining Maimi today.

17. We get letters John every week.

18. Betty is talking the teacher.

19. He's looking the pictures in the museum.

20. October always comes November.

21. Monday always comes Sunday.

22. Where is he

23. Please sit the red chair.

24. What does Fred do Mondays?