Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Basic English Grammar Test #7

1: "Do you care for some popcorn?" "No, thank you, I don't ______________ ."

want some
want any
want no
want anys

2: "Where ___________ last month?" "I was in Los Angeles".

you were
you was
did you
were you

3: "Do you want to go to a baseball game?" "I ______________ yesterday."

go to one
went to one
going to one
want to one

4: "When ___________ breakfast yesterday?" "At around 7:30."

ate you
you eating
did you eat
you did eat

5: You ____________ hard in order to get a promotion.

must work
has to work
must have work
must working

6: His French is very good. He _______________ .

speak French good
speaks French well
speaking French well
speaks French good

7: I ______________ to the East Coast of the United States.

been have never
have never been
have never
never been

8: Richard ______________ the tickets.

already buying
has already buy
has already bought
buying had

9: You'd better take your umbrella. It _______________ .

was rain
might rain
will be rain
may not raining

10: Richard ______________ to his girlfriend when I saw him.

is talk
was talking
is talked
might talk


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