Monday, July 13, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #2

1. ________________ be at summer camp?

How much longer are your children
How much longer are your children going to
How much longer do your children go to

2. ________________ to church once a week.

My whole family goes
My whole family is go
My whole family is going

3. Listen! ___________________.

The phone is ringing
The phone ringing is
The phone ringing

4. Sh! ______________________

The baby is takeing her nap.
The baby is taking your nap.
The baby is taking her nap

5. Does Charlie shop at this store _______________ ?

in a few minutes
every week
tomorrow morning

6. It's autumn. The wind is blowing and _________.

the leaves is falling
the leaves don't falling
the leaves are falling

7. Today, I ______________ because it's her birthday

buy flowers for my wife
am buying flowers for my wife
buying flowers for my wife

8. Judy ________________________ .

don't subscribing to any magazines
isn't subscribe to any magazines
doesn't subscribe to any magazines

9. Desert areas _______________________.

don't have many trees
doesn't have any trees your pets always sleep
isn't have any trees

10 Alice ___________________ to the latest music.

like to listen
likes to listen
liking to listen


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