Thursday, July 16, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #3

1. ________________ ? The customers are still eating.

Why is he cleaning that table
Why does he cleaning that table
Why is he clean that table

2. You're a good employee. _________________ .

You always coming on time
You always are come on time
You always come on time

3. That book ______________________ .

doesn't belong to his
doesn't belong to him
don't belong to him

4. I like ______________________

go to swimming
to go swimming
going to swiming

5. How often ________________________ ?

friend visiting her grandmother
does your friend visit her grandmother
is her friend visit your grandmother

6. Is the train _______________________ ?

going to be on time or not
go to on time or not
going be on time or not

7. I usually __________________ on Monday and Tuesday

cooking for my family
am cooking for my family
cook for my family

8. Jack __________________ to play soccer.

doesn't have enough time
don't enough time
isn't having enough time

9. California's economy _______________ .

don't very good right now
isn't very good right now
doesn't very good right now

10 Tom and Sylvia ___________________ this month.

are get married
are going married
are getting married

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  1. A good quiz towards the basics of the English Language and surely these will bring around everything for the students to test their skills in most systematic manner.