Friday, July 17, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #4

1. ________________ ? They're mine.

Whose books are these
Whose are these books
Whose books is this

2. __________________? He's listening to music.

What is he listening to
What are you listening to
What listening to are you

3. That book ______________________ .

doesn't belong to his
doesn't belong to him
don't belong he

4. Where did you go yesterday? _________________ .

I'm going shopping
I went shopping
I went to shopping

5. _____________________ ? I applied for it last week.

When were you applied for that job
When did you apply for that job
When applyed you for that job?

6. _______________________ ? Yes, we did.

Did they get to the airport on time
Did you get to the airport on time
Were you got to the airport on time

7. __________________________ ? Yes, we do.

Do you usually have breakfast at home
Do you usually has breakfast at home
Do we usually at home have breakfast

8. __________________________? I'll be out of town.

Why won't you at home tomorrow
Why isn't you home tomorrow
Why won't you be at home tomorrow

9. __________________________? They couldn't come because they were too busy.

Why wasn't they in class yesterday
Why weren't they in class yesterday
Why didn't they in class yesterday

10 Mr. Jones __________________________ at the laundromat.

never washes his clothes
never washing his clothes
not never washs he clothes

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  1. The questions will almost help students to bring around the vital thoughts and ideas which are pretty important from positive prospects which are going to help them to the future.