Sunday, July 12, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #1

1. ________________ back soon?

Does Bob come
Is Bob coming
Is Bob come

2. ________________ to the movies? Twice a month.

How often do you go
When are you going
How often are you go

3. ________________ to school today because the weather is nice.

I walk
I walking
I'm walking

4. ________________ soccer every weekend?

Is your brother play
Does your brother play
Are your brother playing

5. She's smiling because _______________________ .

she's listening to music play
she listen to music
she don't listen to music

6. Every afternoon Maria _______________________ .

goes shopping
going to shopping
going shopping

7. Who usually ________________________ after school?

picking up your kids
picks up your kids
is pick up your kids

8. Judy ________________________ right now.

practicing the violin
practices the violin
is practicing the violin

9. _______________________ in the garage?

Are your pets always sleeping
Does your pets always sleep
Do your pets always sleep

10 Raul and Carlos ___________________ today.

don't visit us
aren't visiting us
No is visit our

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  1. Pretty good way for the students to test their grammatical skills because these would help them to revamp their writing abilities as well.