Saturday, July 25, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #6

1. "Do you care for some ice cream?" "No, thank you, I don't _______________________ ."

want some
want any
want no
want anys

2. "____________________ ?" "I was at home."

Where did you yesterday
Where was you yesterday
Where were you yesterday
Where were yesterday you

3. "Why don't you want to go to the museum?" "___________________. "

Because I went there yesterday
Because I go to there yesterday
Because I been there yesterday
Because going there yesterday

4. "Where did you go last Sunday?" " ______________________ ."

I don't go anywhere
I didn't go anywhere
I didn't go nowhere
I wasn't go anywhere

5. ________________________ to pass the examination.

You must work hard
You work must hard
You must to work hard
You must working hard

6. Robert's Spanish is good. _____________________ .

He speaking Spanish well
He speaks Spanish is good
He's speaks Spanish well
He speaks Spanish well

7. __________________________ to Alaska.

I've never been
I never was been
I haven't never been
I not ever been

8. "I can't help you move to your new apartment." "That's okay. _______________ ."

I can move there by my own.
I can to move there by myself
I can move there by yourself
I can move there by myself

9. Richard __________________ the groceries.

have already buy
has already bought
had already buying
has already been buy

10. You shouldn't go out _____________________ .

because it might raining
because it might be rain
because it's might to rain
because it might rain

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