Saturday, July 25, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #5

1. John and Wilma are American. _________ American tourists.

They is
They be
They are
You are

2. This is a pen. ___________ books.

This is
Those are
That is
These be

3. I'm Italian. _________________ ?

Are you French
Is you French
Do you French
Does you French

4. I speak English. ____________ Chinese.

She is speak
She speak is
She speaks
She speaking

5. "_____________________ ?" "I'm a student."

What you do
What you doing
What are you do
What do you do

6. I'm sorry, _________________ .

I don't understand
I no understand
you doesn't understand
I'm not understand

7. "______________ a cup of tea?" "Yes, please."

Are you like
Would you like
Do you liking
Is she liking

8. That isn't your coat. _______________ .

It's my
They're mine
It's mine
They're my coats.

9. Where ____________ now?

lives he
is he living
he is living
he living

10. You should put on your coat now. __________________ .

It maybe rain
It's going to rain
It's rain
It raining is going

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  1. Almost bringing around with students more of the details which they must have to look for and hopefully these would play a vital role instead.