Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #9

1: What kind of music ___________?

is she composing
she's composing
she composes
does she composes

2: _____________ to the movies?

You like to
Do like you to go
Do you going
Do you like to go

3. She ________ swim very well. She _______ a good swimmer.

isn't ... doesn't
doesn't ... is
not ... isn't
doesn't ... isn't

4. _________ write to ________ cousin in New York every week.

We're ... our
She ... her
I ... my
They ... They're

5. _______ play tennis very often. _________ very busy.

We don't ... We don't be
She doesn't ... She
We don't ... We're
We ... We'll

6. ______________ whenever he can.

He's exercises
He's exercise
He exercises
Does he exercise

7. _________ calls _________ every Sunday afternoon.

They ... me
Her ... she
She ... her
We ... her

8. "Did you do well on the test?" "________________."

Yes, I did. I wasn't prepared
Yes, I did. I was prepared
No, I wasn't. I prepared
No, I didn't. I was prepared

9. "____________________?" " Yes, he did. He was angry."

Does he shout at his neighbors
Was he shout at his neighbors
Did he shout at his neighbors
Did he shouted at his neighbors

10. "Were you scared during the movie?" "______________________."

No, I wasn't. I covered my eyes.
No, I didn't. I didn't cover my eyes.
Yes, I was. I covered my eyes.
Yes, I did. I was cover my eyes.

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  1. This is been a pretty good way for the students to start herewith the basics of the English Grammar and favorably they would be happy with the current ideas.