Saturday, August 15, 2009

Basic English Grammar Quiz #10

1: Can you come to _____________ this Saturday night?

mine party
our party
ours party
we's party

2: Bruce is probably _____________ football this afternoon.

go to practice
going to practice
go to practicing
going practice

3. She doesn't drive ___________. She isn't a _________ driver.

careful ... carefully
carefully ... careless
carefully ... careful
careful ... carelessly

4. Tim ______________________ every day.

is washing his car
washes his car
is wash his car
washing is his car

5. Jim and Patty ____________ now. _______________.

aren't swimming ... They're reading
no swim now ... They read
isn't swim now ... They're read
aren't swiming now ... They're reading

6. Her friends gave her flowers, but ______________ a watch.

she was wanted
she was want
she wanted
she is wanted

7. Every Sunday afternoon, they ______________________ .

going to the park
are go to the park
go to the park
are the park

8. "_________ do you and Larry go camping?" " About twice a year."

How often

9. "_______ your sister ______________?" " Yes, but only once or twice a week"

Does .... liking to watch TV
Is ... like watch TV
Do .... like to watching TV
Does ... like to watch TV

10. "When _____________________ to work? " "At 10 o'clock."

are you having
does you have go
do you have to go
do you has to go

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