Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Embedded (Included) Questions. Choose, then check your answer.

Henri Rousseau, "The Football Players"

1. Could you tell me how much ____________ ?
costs this suit
does this suit cost
this suit costs
does cost this suit

2. Do you have any idea how long _________ out?
had they been going
they had been going
did they go
were they going

3. Do you know why ___________ closing early today?
is the store
does the store be
will the store be
the store is

4. How much money __________ last month?
we spent
spent we
did we spend
did we spent

5. I'd like to know what ________________.
does that word mean
that word means
that word does mean
does mean that word

6. Do you know if __________________ ?
are classes held on Sunday
classes are held on Sunday
classes holding on Sunday
are classes holding on Sunday

7. Steven can't remember ____________ last weekend.
what did he do
what he did
what was he doing
what had he done

8. I don't know _____________ promoted or not.
if will I be
whether I will be
what I be will
if I will can

9. I don't know _______________ junk food or not.
if quit she eating
what she quit to eat
if she quit eating
whether did she quit eating

10. My secretary doesn't remember _____________ a copy of the letter.
if he gave me
did he give me
when did he give me
whether did he give me

A: What is our new neighbor's name?
B: I'm sorry. I don't remember ______________ .
what is his name
what his name is
what's is his name
whether his name is

12. Joan can't remember _____________ her new gloves.
where did she put
whether did she put
where she put
if she put

13. The patient doesn't remember when _________________ .
is his appointment
his appointment is
does he have an appointment
if he has an appointment

14. Could you tell me ___________ ?
who is responsible for cleaning the lab
who responsible for cleaning the lab is
who for the lab responsible is cleaning
whose responsibility for the cleaning lab

15. I'm sorry. I don't know _____________.
where is the bank
where the bank is
where has the bank
where the bank

Embedded question practice from English Zone


  1. These are proving to be the best reminders for the students and its also helping them to refresh up their sentence and grammar. So, indeed a better thing to be followed.