Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Passive Voice Practice

"Falling Water House" by the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright

1. You don't need to do the report over. It's already ___________.
been rewriting
been rewritten
going to be rewritten

2. That piano _____________ . It's too heavy.
could be moved
will be move
was moving
can't be moved

3. My pants ____________ by the tailor right now.
are altering
have been altered
are being altered
are been altering

4. The mail _________________ yet. They're going to do it in an hour.
hasn't been distributed
is being distributed
wasn't distributed
has been distributing

5. Time Magazine ______________ every two weeks.
is published
has published
is being publish
is publishing

6. In American football players __________ more often than soccer players .
is injured
are injuring
are injured
had injuring

7. Dessert _____________ in the dinner menu.
has usually included
was usually been included
is usually including
is usually included

8. That's the second time she's _____________ this year.
been promoted

9. Your TV hasn't been repaired yet. ______________ right now.
It's being repaired
It hasn't been repaired
It was repaired
It wasn't repaired

10. If you have time, please sweep the floor because ________________ .
it hasn't been swept
it's been swept
it's being swept
it's going to be swept

11. A midterm examination ____________ next week. Are you prepared?
has been given
is giving
will be given
will be giving

12. I believe this building ___________________ by Frank Lloyd Wright.
is being design
has designed
was designed
will be designing

13. On her birthday, Amanda was given ___________ .
by her parents
many presents
her grandparents a present
a very exciting year

The following article talks about using the passive voice in compositions. It is usually stronger to use the active voice when you write. But there are some situations where the passive is better. It is interesting that the passive is sometimes used when the writer doesn't want to reveal the initiator of an action, as in the sentence: "Archibald Cox, who investigated Watergate, was fired." (It was President Nixon who fired him.)

Link to an article about the Passive Voice.

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