Saturday, October 3, 2009

Past Perfect Tense Quiz

"Sunday afternoon at Jatte Island" by Georges Seurat

1. My parents didn't go to the movies last night because ______________ a movie the night before.

they didn't see
they has seen
they had seen
they have seen

A: What was Mrs. Lee doing in her garden this morning?
B: She ______________ her plants.

was watering
had been watering
had watered
has watered

3. Albert was very tired last night because ____________ all day.

he's been exercising
he's exercised
he had exercised
he's exercising

A: Did Helen enjoy discussing politics last night?
B: Yes. She ___________ in a long time.

hadn't been discussed
had discussed
didn't discuss
hadn't discussed

A: Has Pamela ever been to Paris?
B: Yes. She ________ there last year.

had gone
has gone
had been going

6. Sam had trouble flying a kite last weekend because __________ never flown one before.

he had
he hadn't
he was

7. I didn't want to go swimming yesterday because I __________ swimming the day before.

was gone
had gone
am going
was go

8. By the time I got there, the game ______________

had already started
had been starting
has started

9. Harry's wife had already finished eating dinner when he __________ home.

had come
was coming
has come

10. James ___________ that his shirt was dirty until after dinner.

hadn't realized
hasn't realized
wasn't realizing

A: Why didn't you go to New York last year?
B: We didn't want to. _____________ to New York the previous year.

We've already gone
We'd already went
We'd already gone
We've already been

12. ________ Jerry arrived, we'd already left.

By the time

13. Monica enjoyed going fishing yesterday because she ____________ in a long time.

hadn't thought about
hadn't gone fishing
hasn't gone fishing
wasn't gone fishing

14. By the time I got to the boat, it _____________ away.

was already sail
is already sailing
have been already sail
had already sailed

15. The bank had unfortunately closed by the time _______________ .

I got there
I was getting there
I had gotten there
I had been getting there


  1. Very hard,from the #1 to the #15,but thank you,
    someday we wll understand.

    nicolas a. guevara

  2. very nice quiz, thank you :)
    now past perfect is clearer for me 8D

  3. good Q ... improve me alot!!! thanks ;)

  4. Excellent quiz. We learned a lot!

  5. really ,good thank you

  6. thanks for this... it helped me a lot in my lesson.

  7. This really goood work that can help ESL students to challenge them knowledge. I really enjoy.

  8. really good. thanks for this it help me a lot in my lesson good job.

  9. I think the answer to #10 should be: "didn't realize"

  10. Replies
    1. Nope, past perfect is the action that happened before past simple.

    2. it was a good practice for me. I did well because I had studied well. Yvince wa Yema student.

  11. Good for me I had practiced by the time I learned. Thanks very much.

  12. It is very easy thanks very much.........

  13. it's just only redbaldhead challenge!

  14. cool i want to also say who plays MOVIESTARPLANET if so look me up melina the werewolf17 or OUO barbie<3

  15. today is chole mortezz b-day happy b-day btw she played on the movie CARRIE as the character carrie ;D

  16. this test was pretty good. I LOVED IT! Except plz add more questions to make it better.
    thank you!

  17. i like unicorns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. This is really good quality work. I stole a bunch of your quizzes to use on a test for my students lol.

  19. it is very easy I a boy of 5th class did it

  20. it was very easy I a boy of 5th class did it my name is uhas

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  22. After I watched the video and finished the quiz I had seen clear how to use past perfect tenses

  23. Thanks c: I know how to use the past perfect in sentences now ;)

  24. To be honest, it's a little difficult to me. sometimes Past tense and past perfect tense will be mistaken

  25. I really like quizzes here that help me for better grammar.

    By the way, I have a question for the answer of #4. My answer is "had discussed" because A is yes or no question, and the following B starts with "Yes" which is positive. However, the answer of #4 is "hadn't discussed". Do you mind if you explain about it?