Thursday, October 22, 2009

Future, Real Conditional and Present, Unreal Conditional

"Untitled" by Joan Mitchell, Abstract Expressionist Painter

1. If John ________ more time, he'd study more.

will have
had had

2. If our cat __________ friendlier, everyone would like him more.

will be

3. If __________ a lot this winter, we'll probably go to Florida on vacation.

it will snow
it snowed
it snows
doesn't snow

4. If Walter didn't enjoy his job, _________ work so hard.

he doesn't
he wouldn't
he won't

5. If you _______ too late, you might be very tired in the morning.

stayed up
don't stay up
can stay up
stay up

6. If Maria ________ another bad report card, her parents will be very angry.

will get
might get

7. If we don't clean the environment, __________ better.

it'll get
it has gotten
it doesn't get
it won't get

8. If you don't get dressed up for the interview, __________ get the job.

you wouldn't
you might not
you couldn't

9. If my class were canceled, __________ to the library.

I might probably
I'll probably go
I think I go
I'd probably go

10. If you ________ a coin in the wishing well, your wish will come true.

will dropping
had dropped

11. I wouldn't walk on that slippery floor ________________.

if I am you
if I were you
if you was me
if you don't want to

12. If the teacher __________ louder, we'd be able to hear her.

has spoken
is speaking

13. If Timmy ___________ so often, __________ better results.

didn't oversleep ... he'll get
overslept ... he wouldn't get
won't oversleep ...he'll get
didn't oversleep ... he'd get


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