Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Practice with Future, Real Conditional. Fill the blanks and check your answer by clicking on the drop down menu.

"Summer Days" by Georgia O'Keefe

1. (to be) If the question difficult, we can ask the teacher.

2. (to save) Tom will go to Disneyland if he enough money.

3. (to buy) If I a lottery ticket, I might win the lottery.

4. (to have) My friend usually walks to school if he enough time.

5. (to start) If the movie at eight, we will be late!

6. (to have) We can go waterskiing if Jeff's boat gas.

7. (to pass) The class will have a party if the students all their tests.

8. (to be) If there milk in the refrigerator, I'll have milk with my cake.

9. (to eat) If my sister all of the cake, I will get angry.

10. (to tell) My mother always punishes my sister if she a lie.

11. (not close) If the company tomorrow, we'll have to go to work as usual.

12. (not come) If the pizza soon, we can eat a sandwich instead.

13. (not be) If there any milk in the refrigerator, I'll go to the supermarket.

14. (not snow) If it tomorrow, we can't go skiing.

15. (not rain) My dad will paint the garage if it on Saturday.

16. (not go) If we to work, we won't get paid.

17. (not buy) We can't go to the show if we a ticket.

18. (not go) I will call you if she to the movies, and we can go out together.

19. (not be) We should go jogging if it raining outside.

20. (not ring) If the phone this afternoon, I can take a nap.


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