Sunday, November 22, 2009

Type and Listen. Amazing New Technology!

"The Hill" by Wayne Thiebaud

Instructions: Type in the box. Select a character to speak the lines.
Then, press the play button and listen. Also, you can "copy" and "paste"
lines from the exercises in the box, then listen. The voice quality is
excellent, and it's a good way to hear the pronunciation of any of the lines
from the grammar exercises. "Paul" doesn't work very well, but the other characters do.
You can also select the speed of the reading.

Steps for "copy" and "paste"

1. Select the text by dragging the cursor over it. The text turns blue.
2. Right click over the text. Choose "copy" from the menu. Left click on "copy."
3. Scroll to the speaker box. Right click in the speaker box.
4. Choose "paste" from the menu. Left click on "paste."
5. The text you selected and copied will appear in the speaker box.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gerund Review for Level Five/Six

"My Parents, My Grandparents, and I" by Frida Kahlo, Mexican artist and wife of Diego Rivera

1. I'm interested more about computers. (learn)

2. Louise is planning word processing next semester. (take)

3. They've been responsible their apartment for years. (clean)

4. We're accustomed writing exercises every day. (do)

5. I had a cold. It prevented me the class. (attend)

6. The students succeeded their final exams. (pass)

7. The boss thanked us excellent workers. (be)

8. Are you looking forward Christmas presents? (receive)

9. I don't go swimming because I'm afraid in the ocean. (drown)

10. Bill hasn't worked here very long. Why does he insist a raise? (get)

11. The brave woman prevented the robber the money. (steal)

12. Anita thanked me her move to her new apartment. (help)

13. They are very excited Golden Gate Bridge on their trip to San Francisco. (see)

14. A procrastinator is someone who always puts things. (do)

15. The Jacksons say they are looking forward us over for dinner.

16. Would you this letter on your way home? (mail)

17. Robert doesn't like vegetables. Even though they're good for him, he them. (eat)

18. My wife and I downtown whenever we can. (drive)

19. Don't forget all of the doors before you leave the building. (lock)

20. I my lunch at home. Now, I eat in the cafeteria. (eat)

21. What time do your friends expect in San Francisco? (arrive)

22. I didn't that movie. It was too violent. (watch)

23. Would you that package at the post office on your way to work? (drop off)

24. Did you ever Europe sometime? (visit)

25. My lawyer my divorce. (postpone)

26. I dislike gerunds because they're too difficult. (study)

27. Don't postpone for next semseter. (register)

28. Has the thief finally admitted the expensive painting? (steal)

29. I don't recall my paycheck. (receive)

30. I heard that Bob quit for Acme Construction Company. (work)

31. Do you believe every day? (exercise)

32. I'm tired a double shift. It's sixteen hours a day! (work)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jennifer Teaches The Present, Unreal Conditional

"Man the Master, not the Slave of Technology", by Mexican Artist, David Alfaro Siqueiros

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey, Teacher, Give me a break! So do I? Or So am I? Can't I just say "Me, too?"

1. Tom doesn't have enough time to read novels, and ______________ I.

2. We attend class on Saturday and Sunday, and ____________ they.

3. Mary wasn't able to travel last summer, and _____________ we.

4. Bob ____________ able to play in the next soccer game, and neither will I.

5. I haven't been to Canada in a long time, they _______________ .

6. Sylvia is working overtime this week, and __________ Maria.

7. I can't decide what classes I should take at City College, and Jack _____________ .