Sunday, February 14, 2010

Practice With Present, Unreal Conditional.

"Monument in Fertile Country" by Paul Klee, 1929

Instructions: Combine two sentences to make one sentence. Use the Present, Unreal Conditional. In the Condition Clause, use the past tense. Remember that for "be", use the subjunctive form which is "were" for all subject pronouns. In the Result Clause, use "Would" or "Could" plus the base form of the verb. If you're using a pronoun, you can make a contraction with "would": I'd, he'd, she'd, we'd, they'd, you'd.

1. I'm not sick. I don't go to the doctor.

2. I don't have a headache. I don't take an aspirin.

3. It's very cold today. We don't go to the beach.

4. I'm not the president. I don't make the right decisions.

5. I don't understand your question. I can't answer you.

6. I don't have a lot of money. I can't live in a big apartment.

7. She doesn't have a car. She can't drive to the mountains.

8. He's very tired. He doesn't go out to dinner..

9. She doesn't have a car. She can't drive to the mountains.

10. They don't have a new computer. They don't browse the web more.

11. Michelangelo isn't alive. He doesn't decorate Mission Dolores.

Read about the famous chapel Michelangelo did decorate.

12. We don't play soccer on Saturday. We aren't in good shape.

13. We don't have a car. We don't go out of town very often.

14. I'm not you. I don't take a credit class.

15. He has to work. He doesn't have time to read books.

16. I don't lose my hair. I don't purchase a wig.

17. He's not interested in history. He doesn't learn about his ancestors.

18. I have a notebook. I can take notes in class.

19. He's not a ghost. He doesn't haunt Tombstone, Arizona.

See the story about the historical Ghost Town: Tombstone, Arizona


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  7. plz change this sentence into past perfect tense "we had a car"

  8. change this sentence into the past perfect tense "we had a car." Sir JOHN ROBINSON please answer the above question

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