Sunday, November 22, 2009

Type and Listen. Amazing New Technology!

"The Hill" by Wayne Thiebaud

Instructions: Type in the box. Select a character to speak the lines.
Then, press the play button and listen. Also, you can "copy" and "paste"
lines from the exercises in the box, then listen. The voice quality is
excellent, and it's a good way to hear the pronunciation of any of the lines
from the grammar exercises. "Paul" doesn't work very well, but the other characters do.
You can also select the speed of the reading.

Steps for "copy" and "paste"

1. Select the text by dragging the cursor over it. The text turns blue.
2. Right click over the text. Choose "copy" from the menu. Left click on "copy."
3. Scroll to the speaker box. Right click in the speaker box.
4. Choose "paste" from the menu. Left click on "paste."
5. The text you selected and copied will appear in the speaker box.

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