Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Say" Verus "Tell"

"Garden in Bloom" by Claude Monet

1. Carol that she was going to Mendicino for the weekend.

2. Carol me that she was going to Mendicino for the weekend.

3. I my boss that I could not finish my work on time.

4. Paul me all about his trip. He that it was exhausting.

5. Please, me about the movie you saw last night. Ruth that she liked it very


6. Grace to me, "I will never speak to him again."

7. I William that I could not go to the movies with him.

8. The boy his mother a lie, and she was angry at him.

9. I believe that he will always the truth in the future.

10. Those twins are so much alike, I can't them apart.

11. Mr. and Mrs. Smith us all about their trip to Japan.

12. They Japan was a very interesting country.

13. Loren that he was too tired to go to the park with us.

14. I have him the same thing several times. Why doesn't he remember?

15. Would you please me what time it is?