Sunday, January 10, 2010

Verb Tense Review. Please, fill the blanks, then check your answer.

Family Excusions, 1919, by Max Ernst

1. Daryl always (come) to work on time.

2 Mr. Jones (teach) us at present. He (substitute) for Mr. Holt, who is our regular teacher.

3.I (work) in my garden when you called me last night.

4. We (take) our finals next week.

5. I (come) to work on the bus this morning.

6. As I (come) to work this morning, I (meet) a boy who (try) to sell me a watch.

7. I (be) to the Grand Canyon several times.

8. Listen! I think the telephone (ring).

9. Bob said that he (see) that movie before.

10. I (read) that novel three or four times.

11. By this time next year, we (complete) all the exercises in this book.

12. The telephone (ring) just as I (leave) my house.

13. The sun (shine) brightly when I got up this morning.

14. Our class (begin) every morning at 8:30 and (end) at 10:10.

15. We occasionally (go) to the movies on Sunday.

16. Listen! Somebody (knock) at the door.

17. Up to now, nothing (hear) from the search party.

18. Marjory, who is now in the fourth grade, (study) English for three years.

19. Ruth (study) French for a few months last year.

20. My brother-in-law (visit) me next week.

21. The magician (do) tricks on the stage when we entered.

22. The newspaper says that the police in New Orleans finally (catch) the bank robber.


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