Sunday, February 14, 2010

Practice with Future, Real Conditional

"Mystery and Melancholy of a Street"
by Giorgio de Chirico

The Future, Real Conditional uses a Condition Clause and a Result Clause. The Condition Clause may begin with "If" or "Unless". The Condition Clause is in the present tense. The Result Clause is in the future tense. Other modals besides "will" may be used, such as "might" or "can" or "must". Don't forget to use a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence and a period at the end. Otherwise, the "Capital Letter" cop and the "Period" cop will get on your case.

A: ______ should/shouldn't __________.
B: Why?
A: If ______ , ___ will ___________ .

1. John should exercise more.

2. Mary should marry Bob.

3. They should go to the sale.

4. We shouldn't oversleep.

5. She shouldn't worry too much.

6. You shouldn't drink too much beer.

7. They should go to bed early.

8. June should break up with Steve.

9. Tom should speak more English.

10. You should buy a notebook.

11. Steve should pay his rent.

12. Ivan should brush his teeth.

13. Moses should get out of Egypt.

14. You shouldn't eat that mushroom.

15. Wally should dance with my sister.

16. You should put down that snake.

17. Hanna shouldn't tell the boss off.

18. The company shouldn't expand too fast.

19. The waiters shouldn't be too slow.

20. Michelangelo should take more breaks.

Now, use the word "unless" in your answer. "Unless" means "If not."

21. You should eat a good breakfast.

22. Tom should stop seeing other women.

23. Judith should bring an umbrella.

24. Anthony and Sylvia should go shopping.

25. The banks should take fewer risks.

25. The students should study.

26. Mabel should rest her bad foot.

27. You should write down the phone number.

28. Paul should submit his application on time.

29. Arthur should stay in school.

30. The dog should be on a leash.

31. Phillip should quit gambling.

Practice With Present, Unreal Conditional.

"Monument in Fertile Country" by Paul Klee, 1929

Instructions: Combine two sentences to make one sentence. Use the Present, Unreal Conditional. In the Condition Clause, use the past tense. Remember that for "be", use the subjunctive form which is "were" for all subject pronouns. In the Result Clause, use "Would" or "Could" plus the base form of the verb. If you're using a pronoun, you can make a contraction with "would": I'd, he'd, she'd, we'd, they'd, you'd.

1. I'm not sick. I don't go to the doctor.

2. I don't have a headache. I don't take an aspirin.

3. It's very cold today. We don't go to the beach.

4. I'm not the president. I don't make the right decisions.

5. I don't understand your question. I can't answer you.

6. I don't have a lot of money. I can't live in a big apartment.

7. She doesn't have a car. She can't drive to the mountains.

8. He's very tired. He doesn't go out to dinner..

9. She doesn't have a car. She can't drive to the mountains.

10. They don't have a new computer. They don't browse the web more.

11. Michelangelo isn't alive. He doesn't decorate Mission Dolores.

Read about the famous chapel Michelangelo did decorate.

12. We don't play soccer on Saturday. We aren't in good shape.

13. We don't have a car. We don't go out of town very often.

14. I'm not you. I don't take a credit class.

15. He has to work. He doesn't have time to read books.

16. I don't lose my hair. I don't purchase a wig.

17. He's not interested in history. He doesn't learn about his ancestors.

18. I have a notebook. I can take notes in class.

19. He's not a ghost. He doesn't haunt Tombstone, Arizona.

See the story about the historical Ghost Town: Tombstone, Arizona

Past Unreal Conditional Practice

"Charles IV and His Family" by Francisco de Goya

Combine the sentences to form the Past, Unreal Conditional

1. She was sick. She didn't attend school.

2. He drove too fast. He was in an accident.

3. He didn't do the homework. He got a bad grade.

4. I missed the plane. I didn't go to Hawaii.

5. I didn't understand the grammar. I didn't pass the test.

6. She didn't practice. She didn't perform well.

7. She didn't read the book. She didn't answer the questions.

8. She was tired last night. She didn't go to the party.

9. John Black wasn't honest. I didn't vote for him.

10. My computer crashed. I couldn't write emails.

11. I didn't have a good interview. I didn't get the job.

12. The music wasn't good. I didn't enjoy the party.

13. He didn't get stuck in traffic. He didn't miss his plane.

14. Alan didn't tell his mother about his cold. She didn't serve him chicken soup.

15. Greta wasn't feeling well yesterday. She didn't go to work.

Jennifer's Past Unreal Conditional Videos



Sunday, February 7, 2010

Practice With Past Progressive (Continuous) Tense.

"The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo
Michelangelo painted the ceiling while he was lying on his back.

Instructions. Combine two sentences to make one. Use the time word indicated in the brackets.

1. He waited for the doctor. He read a magazine. (while)

2. She broke her ankle. She played tennis. (while)

3. They watched TV. The blackout happened. (when)

4. I slept. The telephone rang. (when)

5. Thelma ripped her pants. She did exercises. (while)

6. The teacher started to cough. He explained the grammar. (while)

7. They crossed the street. The accident happened. (when)

8. I wrote a composition. My friend called on me. (when)

9. I read an article on the website. The computer crashed. (when)

10. Michelangelo painted on the wall. The Pope made a suggestion. (when)

11. Tom waited for the bus. He met the love of his life. (when)

12. The students stood in the hall. The janitor unlocked the door. (when)

13. The people swam. Someone noticed a shark. (when)

14. I drove on the freeway. My car ran out of gas. (when)

15. We walked in the park. We heard a chorus of birds. (when)

16. They were eating at a restaurant. We saw them. (when)

17. It rained. I left home. (when)

18. They traveled in Australia. They heard the news. (when)

19. I got sick. We drove to my grandmother's house. (while)

20. I came to work this morning. I met an old friend. (while)

Conversation Practice: Grammartalk 9HB, Page One