Sunday, February 7, 2010

Practice With Past Progressive (Continuous) Tense.

"The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo
Michelangelo painted the ceiling while he was lying on his back.

Instructions. Combine two sentences to make one. Use the time word indicated in the brackets.

1. He waited for the doctor. He read a magazine. (while)

2. She broke her ankle. She played tennis. (while)

3. They watched TV. The blackout happened. (when)

4. I slept. The telephone rang. (when)

5. Thelma ripped her pants. She did exercises. (while)

6. The teacher started to cough. He explained the grammar. (while)

7. They crossed the street. The accident happened. (when)

8. I wrote a composition. My friend called on me. (when)

9. I read an article on the website. The computer crashed. (when)

10. Michelangelo painted on the wall. The Pope made a suggestion. (when)

11. Tom waited for the bus. He met the love of his life. (when)

12. The students stood in the hall. The janitor unlocked the door. (when)

13. The people swam. Someone noticed a shark. (when)

14. I drove on the freeway. My car ran out of gas. (when)

15. We walked in the park. We heard a chorus of birds. (when)

16. They were eating at a restaurant. We saw them. (when)

17. It rained. I left home. (when)

18. They traveled in Australia. They heard the news. (when)

19. I got sick. We drove to my grandmother's house. (while)

20. I came to work this morning. I met an old friend. (while)

Conversation Practice: Grammartalk 9HB, Page One

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