Thursday, April 15, 2010

Using Adverbs of Manner. Choose the Correct Answer.

1. Bob drives very

2. He's the most driver I know.

3. That student writes very

4. The teachers have a faculty meeting on Thursday.

5. Julio Ortega is a very translator.

6. Bob complained when he was stuck in traffic.

7. Parents should talk to their babies

8. When you are you get much better results.

9. I don't play cards with Jake because he's too

10. In order to drive you need to always use a seat belt.

11. You should always dress when you go on a job interview.

12. This paragraph isn't as as that one.

13. The candidate spoke to the people very during the campaign.

14. Jessica works very I think she deserves a raise.

15. If you are you will earn their respect.

16. Mr. Brown explained his situation very so that everyone understood him.

17. In a couple of years, you'll be able to speak English

18. Those two waiters are too We must talk them about their problem.

19. I like those workers because they put up sheet rock very

20. You didn't write that composition

21. Actually, I think it's quite