Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Comparative Form

"Beautiful World" Rene Magritte

Use the following information to make comparative sentences.

1. My brother/my father

2. New York/San Francisco

3. The book/the movie

4. Spanish/English

5. Chinese food/English food

6. These pencils/those pencils.

7. The subway/the bus

8. That sofa/this chair

9. My dogs/my cat

10. Our party/her party

11. This dress/that dress

12. my sister/my brother

13. This car/that motorcycle

14. This necklace/that one

15. This ticket/that one

16. Movie stars/TV stars

17. This job/that one

18. These tools/those

19. Our coach/yours

20. Your TV/mine

21. These toothbrushes/those

22. Her party/theirs

23. This dishwasher/that one

24. Our next door neighbor/we are

25. That band/this one

25. Your car/his

26. This city/that one

27. The planet/it used to be

28. Maria/she used to be

29. Hawaii/Daly City

30. The taxi/the bus


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