Friday, May 28, 2010

Prepostions of Place

"The Art of Conversation" Rene Magritte, 1950

Prepositions are short words that show the relationship between things. Prepositions of place in English are not difficult, but take some practice to use correctly. Here are some rules to make these place prepostions easier to use accurately:

Use "at" for an exact address. For example, "Bob lives at 342 Mission Street."
A corner is also an exact place, so say "I'll meet you at the corner of Fifth and Market." Use "at" for a place such as a restaurant, hospital, or a store. You're calling your friend who asks you where you are, and you say, "I'm at school, right now. I'll call you later."

Use "in" for cities, states, countries. "I used to live in Nicaragua. I live in the United States now." "Oh, where?" "I live in San Francisco." "My friend Jose lives in California, also." Also, "in" is appropriate for objects inside a box or a drawer.
"This is a beautifully wrapped present. What's in it, I wonder?"

Use "on" when you talk about a street without using a specific address. "Our campus is on Valencia Street." Use "on" for the location of an object that is on top of another object. "What's that on your head?" "It's my new hat. Don't you like it?" "It looks like a bird." "Where are the car keys?" "They're on the table."

Use "on" for a floor of a building. "The Language Lab is on the Third Floor."

Use "between" when a place has a place on either side of it. "The bank is between the restaurant and the school."

Use "across from" for locating a place on the other side of the street. "The gas station is across from the hotel."

Use "to" to show the direction of an action. "He's moving to Los Angeles at the end of the month."

Use "from" to show a relationship to origin. "Mario is from Mexico."

Choose the correct preposition in the following sentences. Check your answers.

1. Tom lives Sacramento, California.

2. He didn't give me his exact address, but I believe he lives B Street.

3. You can probably find him the coffee shop C Street.

4. The tallest building the world isn't New York City.

5. Our business office is the fourth floor. Our school is located 1125 Valencia Street.

6. Maria is going school Ocean Campus of City College.

7. If you don't drive faster, we'll arrive the airport late.

8. There's a bank the restaurant and the laundromat.

9. Alejandro was born Texas, but he moved California last year.

10. Fred's sister said he wasn't home, so he must be school.

11. Aren't these apples good? They're Anderson Valley. You can buy some the farmer's market 24th Street.

12. Did Ed park his car front of his house or the driveway?

13. How far is Los Angeles San Francisco? I want to drive L.A. next weekend.

14. There's a good restaurant the subway station.

15. The Smiths live West Chestnut Street the shoe store.

16. They live Spain. They plan to travel Mexico next year.

17. My plane stopped Paris and London and arrived New York five hours late.

18. I live the 7th floor 21 Oxford Street Berkeley, California.

19. There is a "no smoking" sign the wall. It means you're not allowed to smoke this building.

20. I waited for you the restaurant for a long time. When you didn't show up, I went the bookstore.

21. The world's tallest building is Dubai, United Arab Emerates. It's name is Burj Khalifa. I have an office that building the 50th Floor.

(Come back to this exercise later. I'll be adding more questions)