Saturday, May 15, 2010

Past Progressive Tense and Clauses.

"Puddle" M.C. Escher, 1952

Write the main clause or time clause to complete the following sentences.

1. I was sleeping when

2. While , he tripped on the curb.

3. While , it started to rain.

4. They were watching TV when

5. I was eating lunch when

6. when the plane took off.

7. While , they saw a beautiful bird.

8. They were getting off a bus when on the sidewalk.

9. Jack hurt his wrist while

10. Rita was brushing her teeth when

11. We were waiting for the bus when

12. While , the photographers ran towards us.

13. While Mary was sleeping last night,

14. I was skiing when

15. The teacher started to cough while

16. when she heard the office phone ring.

17. when my friend called on me.

18. when the accident happened.

19 while he was playing basketball.

20. When the fire started,

21. Sonia was waiting for me when

22. When the computer suddenly shut off,

23. While my girlfriend paid for the dinner.

24. Tom and I were having coffee when

25. George was driving to work when

26. Dorothy was talking to her friend when

Past Progressive Conversation Practice, Grammartalk 9HB, Page One