Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Present Progressive Tense (or Present Continuous Tense)

"Woman in a Blue Hat" Pablo Picasso, 1901

Each number has part A and part B. Part A uses a name. In part B, use a pronoun to represent the name in part A.

1a. Julie in the mountains this weekend. (ski)

1b. there with her friends, Jeff and Mary. (go)

2a. Jeff a novel by Garcia Márquez.(read)

2b. it a lot. (enjoy)

3a. Mary and Jeff married in March. (get)

3b. to New York after the wedding. (travel)

4a. a class at Mission Campus? (Rolando, attend)

4b. Yes, a Level Four class there. (attend)

5a. What right now? (the students, write)

5b. a short composition about their families. (write)

6a. Where soccer this afternoon?(you, play)

6b. soccer at Dolores Park. (we, play)

7a. clothes this afternoon? (you, buy)

7b. No, I'm not. groceries at the supermarket. (buy)

8a. his grandmother today? (Jose, visit)

8b. No, he isn't. his aunt and uncle. (he, visit)

9a. What color the living room walls? (Maria, paint)

9b. them light blue. Do you think it's a nice color?

10a. What to do? Be careful. That ladder is dangerous! (you, try)

10b. to wash these windows. They're very dirty. (I, try)

11a. the wrong soap. That's dish soap. It won't clean your windows. (you, use)

11b. You're right. the wrong soap. (use)

12a. What today? (your sister, wear)

12b. her new blue hat today. (she, wear)

Exchanges 2, Page 1 - Present Progressive Tense

Here is a video about Present Progressive with nice graphics and music.


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