Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Future with "will" and "will be"

"Self Portrait on the border between Mexico
and The United States" 1932, by Frida Khalo

If there is a base form of a verb after "will", such as "cook", "bake", "play", "talk" indicating action, then just use the subject with "will". Use a contraction if there is a subject pronoun. If "will" is not followed by an action but by a noun or an adjective, then use "will be". Try the following exercises. Check the drop down menu on the right of the sentence for the answer.

1. see you tomorrow.

2. here at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

3. the new president of the company.

4. thirsty if I talk too much.

5. learn a lot of new words this week.

6. get married in March of next year.

7. in San Francisco next month.

8. probably rain a lot next month.

9. ready next Thursday. You can pick them up then.

10. take the mid term exam again?

11. Probably, cloudy most of the day tomorrow.

12. get married in March of next year.

13. a meeting in room 138 tomorrow morning. Don't forget.

14. bring some refreshments for us: coffee and muffins.

15. receive their test results at the end of the class.

16. I know happy when you see your good test score.

17. visit his friends when he goes to L.A.?

18. angry if I forget to feed her?

19. very sleepy tomorrow if she stays up late.

20. take her children to the doctor this Thursday.

21. on Tuesday, November 6th.

22. a holiday on November 11th.

23. get a raise if I work very hard at my job.

24. If you water your lawn, very green.

25. I have to hurry. My leave in one hour.

26. find magazines at that newsstand over there.

27. a birthday celebration for my daughter on January 10th.

28. build a new post office on that corner.

29. Do you think famous someday? Maybe you will, but you'll have to work very hard.

30. meet a lot of interesting people when you visit New York.

31. I think your very happy and successful in his new job.

32. attend college next semester?

33. very healthy if you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

34. practice the piano for an hour this afternoon.

35. Do you think upset if I borrow the car tonight?

36. buy a shirt for her husband this Christmas.

37. any snow in San Francisco this winter?

38. home this evening. You can call us then.

39. Do you think win the World Series?

40. I think go to bed now because I have to get up early tomorrow.


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