Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hopes and Wishes

"Gonconda" Rene Magritte, 1953
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After "hope", use a clause in the present tense to talk about the future. For example, "I hope I get a raise next week." Notice that the clause "I get a raise next week" is in the present tense.

After "wish", use the simple past tense in the clause that follows. Use the special conjugation for "be" in the past: I were, He were, She were, It were, We were, You were, They were.
"I wish I had a good oven." (The reality is, I don't have a good oven.) "I wish my son weren't in New York". The reality is, my son is in New York, and I will miss him.

Complete the following sentences. You'll find a scrambled cue in the drop down menu. Click on the drop down menu, and you'll see the answer.

1. I hope

2. Maria hopes

3. Sam wishes

4. Mr. and Mrs. Philo saw a little leak in their ceiling. They hope

5. Alvin wishes

6. The workers hope

7. The teachers hope

8. David wishes

9. I'm having a great time on my vacation in Hawaii. I wish

10. My wife wishes

11. Maria hopes

12: I was looking forward to going to the beach. I wish

13. I hope

14. My daughter hopes

15. Stanley is fascinated by outer space. He wishes

16. Betty is going to Paris by plane. She hopes

17. Tom has to wait for a long time to vote in the election. He wishes

18. I know what you're thinking. You hope

19. Barry is a little under the weather today. He wishes

20. This is one of the best parties I've ever been to. I wish

21. I can't find very many interesting programs on Cable TV. I wish

22. Our afternoon classes aren't very large. The director wishes

23. The US government is considering asking the very wealthy to pay more taxes. Wealthy people hope

24. Daniel can't swim more than two laps. He wishes

25. Grammar Practice is always growing. New exercises are always being added. What grammar are you confused about? Your questions are very helpful for the development of this site. What kind of exercises do you wish
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